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Save money, be flexible

VOIP Huntingdon


Complete Portability

Make and receive calls using your number anywhere in the world.

Your phone number is no longer attached to your premises: simply plug your handset into any internet connection and make calls!

Geographic Independence

Work in Cambridge but want to target customers in London? No problem - we can supply a complete range of geographic numbers for anywhere in the UK.

A full range of non-geographic 03 and 08 numbers are available as well.

Save Money

Our pay as you grow model enables you to have one low monthly cost per user.

Our line rental is half that of BT's featureline and we only require 30 days notice (instead of a 60 month contract!) should you no longer require the service.

Multi-site companies can make huge savings as internal calls are free of charge - even between countries.

Grows With Your Business

If you ever need to move premises, just unplug your handsets and plug them back in at your new location - easy.

New member of staff? No problem - simply add a new extension and we can have a handset delivered and ready to ring within 2 business days.

Great Local Support

We know how important it is to focus on running and growing your business.

With 24/7 support and engineers based near Cambridge you can be sure that you are safe in our hands.

Enjoy Flexibility

Snow days, sick days, holidays...

Should you not be able to get into the office, our technology allows you to stay connected and continue with your business communications.

Keep Your Number


We can transfer your existing number(s) to our platform. As part of a managed transfer process, we will handle the entire transfer on your behalf working with your existing provider. Choose a porting date that is convenient for your business and we will ensure your handsets are installed on your desks ready for the switchover.

Cutting-edge features

VOIP Huntingdon


Online Management

Control panel allows you to be in full control of your extensions, call routing and voicemail. View call records online. Access missed calls

Call Routing

Set up call groups to allow your calls to be answered in rotation.

Call Queuing and IVR menus

Play audio messages to callers, ask them to press a number to be routed to a different department. Place calls in a queue waiting to be answered, play prompts regarding their position in the queue.

Conference Calls

Easy to use conference calling for all your internal extensions is free, easily add external numbers to your meeting

Transfer Calls

Easily transfer calls and even between office locations or mobile phones.

Music on Hold

Upload your own music or choose from our own library.

Voicemail & SMS to Email

Listen to voicemail messages easily on your smartphone - voicemails arrive by email with an attachment. SMS messages get delivered to your inbox.

Fax to Email

Faxes are received as a PDF email attachment.

Call Recording

Record calls for legal or training purposes. Play them back online or store on your computers.

Choose a Caller ID

Choose the number that gets presented to the call recipient for each extension from any geographic or non-geographic number in your account.

Call Forwarding

Easily forward your calls directly from your handset to any destination.

Our of Hours Routing

You can enable time of day call routing and configure what actions happen out of ours: send calls to email, forward to your mobile or play an audio message.

Smartphone App

Make and receive calls from a compatible smartphone app - even using 3G and 4G connections.

Call Monitoring

Improve customer service using our call monitoring feature. Administrators can connect to another extension to listen to the call and offer training afterwards as required.

Smartphone Integration

Pair your smartphone with your desk phone using Bluetooth to make and receive calls from your mobile. Synchronisation of your phone contacts.

Blacklist / Whitelist Numbers

Block or allow calls to unwanted destinations e.g. International or Premium Rate numbers

Dial Through

Using any other phone, call a special number and enter a PIN to then make outbound calls presenting your company's telephone number. Great for field engineers / sales!

Pre-configured Hardware

Handsets are shipped to your premises pre-configured and ready to ring.

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